Jessika Lynch, Curator and lisencee TEDx


"Linda Stolp is a professional who exceeds expectations and always delivers. I hired her in a freelance capacity to take on a very demanding role within TEDxAmsterdamED, requiring her to manage a large team and ensure that all aspects of our organization run successfully. I have been impressed by her fearless but capable decision making as a leader. Linda works very hard, is hands-on, and has proven that she is capable of both project development as well as execution - the perfect team member for a start-up or small organization with big ambition."


Monique van Dusseldorp, Program Director TEDxAmsterdam

" I have worked with Linda for several editions of TEDxAmsterdam, where she took on both production and program tasks. One year, she took on the enormous task of pre-producing the event, which combines performances by speakers with a variety of acts, from opera to dance to modern theatre.

She managed to take care of one million details and went far beyond the call of duty to make the event happen – with splendid results.


In the most recent edition of TEDxAmsterdam, Linda was part of a small team that put together the program of speakers. Her choices were excellent, and the speakers she selected turned out to be the best of the event. Every year  she took care of the speakers. She calmed those that were too nervous, she noticed who needed a chat or a smile, and she picked up anyone that was lost. In this she is a master: combining both great attention to detail, or incredible energy to work beyond all hours is one thing – but to do all this with love, humour and a soul.


Frederik van Droffelaar, Program Director Impact Hub

"I got to know Linda as a hard and compassionate worker, with excellent social skills and an unprecedented drive to achieve her goals. She has a good sense of quality (in the broadest way of the word) and will therefore do everything within her power to deliver the best result. She is an organizational talent, eager to learn and is not afraid of the unknown nor the impossible. 

In her role as program manager for the Business Model Challenge at Impact Hub Amsterdam, she mastered the program (with all it's different components) within a short period of time and quickly expanded her role in recruiting participants and co-facilitating the program. Thanks to her described characteristics, knowledge and experience, she has delivered a valuable contribution to the evolution and expansion of the program."

Joni Bais, founder Great Communicators

Meerdere edities samengewerkt met Linda voor TEDx Amsterdam en TEDx AmsterdamED. Ik vind het echt een plezier om met Linda te werken: ze is slim, flexibel, inhoudelijk sterk en een organisatorisch wonder. Daarnaast een fijn mens om mee te zijn! Ik kan Linda van harte aanbevelen, omdat het gewoon elk project altijd goed en beter wordt met Linda around.


Gordelweg 80B-01

3037AK Rotterdam


Tel: 00316-27020434

Skype: linda.stolp




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